Centerline software tracks every piece of freight in your trucking operation and feeds the activity directly into your billing system.  The Cross Dock Control module manages multiple terminals and tracks freight line hauled across terminals, determines line haul Preferred Carriers and the Points of Interchange, tracks and manages OS&D (Overage, Shortage & Damage) and claims and manages all inbound and outbound freight manifesting.  A few trucks of different colors

What does this mean for Centerline Terminal Management System users?  Absolute freight control.  The Centerline TMS enforces checks and balances at the source and when the freight is still in your hands, not after the freight has already been delivered to the customer causing higher incidents of credits and rebills.  Problems such as Overages, Shortages or Damage are identified and addressed early in the process, thereby improving efficiencies and increasing customer satisfaction while streamlining terminal management operations.

Centerline’s Manifest process manages and controls the movement of freight through the terminal(s) with Offload Manifests, Preload Manifest, Delivery Manifests and Inter-terminal/Inter-line Manifests.


The Centerline software provides control over your trailer yards. Trailer locations are tracked in all yards (local, remote, customer sites) using manual, wireless mobile computers and auto ID technologies thereby eliminating the high costs of lost trailers. Shunting activities are controlled and monitored to ensure that all pick-ups and drops are done efficiently resulting in increased asset utilization and operating cost.



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