Inventory Management Software

Next Generation Inventory Management software gives distributors complete control over inventory. Distributors are guided with proven techniques and provided with accurate information to maximize their inventory investment. Business critical information concerning quantities available to sell, committed quantities against customer sales orders, and on order from vendors, for all warehouse locations or branches is accurate, up to date and accessible at all times. Next Generation provides inventory management software that helps distributors keep the right amount of inventory in stock, at the right location enabling superior customer service and increasing order fill rates.  Illustrated Forklift carrying a box

Continuous management of stock at all company locations allows the distributor to access inventory levels throughout all warehouses and transfer orders to locations where inventory is available. The receiving process updates inventory availability immediately and triggers the allocation of received product to customer back-orders. Forecast and vendor analysis are two of a wide range of options that empower inventory managers to determine the best way to control inventory according to a distributor’s unique needs.

The inventory management module of Next Generation distribution software helps distributors establish and maintain accurate inventory information and proper inventory management techniques. This fully integrated inventory management module allows distributors to respond quickly and accurately to customer requests, thereby improving customer service.

Key Inventory Management Features

  • Multiple costing options                                                                   
  • Multiple lookup options
  • Substitute items, interchangeable items, related & accessory items, product groups
  • Multiple units of measure for each item
  • Automatic identification of item movement classes
  • Available quantities for each item in every company location
  • Transfer of aged and excess inventory to company locations needing stock          Assembly line of empty boxes
  • Balance tracking for on-hand, excess, in-transit, allocated, promised, and received inventory
  • Warehouse, bin location, lot number and serial number control options
  • Allocation of received product to customer back orders
  • Transaction history affecting each item’s balance-on-hand quantity
  • All inventory transactions integrate directly to general ledger
  • Future costing and pricing
  • Sales and purchase history for each item
  • Audit trail of all changes to inventory

Physical Inventory – The system provides support for full physical inventories with a wide variety of options. Cycle counting support is also provided with options to count by location and to count items at scheduled intervals. These options are further expanded when using Robocom’s Warehouse Management System (R-WMS).  

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"Robocom listened to our needs and was flexible. They helped turn our company from a small family-owned business into an efficient, successful innovator in the plastics distribution industry. Robocom has played a large role in our growth. Quite simply, they helped us build our business."
President, Robocom Customer

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