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Food and Beverage


Richard P. Kane, President & CEO, Kane Warehousing, Inc.  "Robocom's Inventory Management System (RIMS) has set the infrastructure for the future and will position the PLCB to take advantage of rapid advancements in technology.  RIMS has provided us with real time inventory and has improved our accuracy to 99.99%, which has allowed Kane to have tremendous flexibility in running the distribution center. The system allowed us to go from selecting individual orders to flexible zone picking and has given us a more comprehensive system for tracking productivity. It has also allowed a simplified cycle count program that has led to a higher degree for inventory accuracy.  R-WMS® has improved our distribution center from a manual operation to a very logical and sophisticated system, which has improved overall productivity, inventory accuracy, and space utilization."


Preston Fletcher, Director of Plant Operations, Pero Vegetable Company:  "The accuracy level of Robocom’s WMS is proven month in and month out and is saving us the equivalent of two hourly workers, or $50,000-$75,000 in manpower on inventory alone. R-WMS has absolutely helped us improve our profitability, just in the control of inventory loss."


Steve Pharo, Director of Purchasing and Distribution, Oregon Liquor Control Commission: "OLCC went live with R-WMS® in 10 weeks, and we accepted the system just 16 weeks after signing the contract. We knew we had to make it work. There was no margin for error. The implementation was essentially seamless to outside observers."  


A Food Industry (Dairy products) Warehouse Manager:  “The best thing about ROC is inventory control and (increased) productivity. The inventory count is amazing. ROC has made great leaps and bounds in inventory accuracy for us. ROC allows us to set standards for productivity, whereas before ROC…there was no accountability. ROC makes it much easier to fill orders because you know right away if you are shorting…you can see inventory right on the pick plans…this means customer service is improved.”


A Liquor Retailer Senior Executive: “We are investing in technology to provide better, faster, more reliable service. The products from Robocom help increase productivity and improve inventory management and order accuracy.  Robocom handled our project very professionally and delivered the product on time. During the implementation phase they showed flexibility that was certainly appreciated by all of us involved.  Robocom staff were always available to us when needed and continue to promptly answer our questions."


A Senior Technology Manager at a Large Meat Packer “The best advantages of ROC are its accuracy and accountability. ROC has taken our inventory and traceability accuracy to near perfect levels and helped reduce the operating cost of our warehouses on a year over year basis.  Robocom has worked with us over the past few years to modify ROC to address new requirements and keep us on the leading edge of customer service.”


Third Party Logistics


Doug Campbell, Owner of 4c Logistics said, “While the original implementation of Robocom’s WMS served us well for a number of years, we expect to recognize many new benefits as a result of upgrading to R-WMS.net in our warehouse operation.” Doug identified the ability to create and modify labels, automatically generated emails, a more automated billing process and the customer portal as some areas in which 4c Logistics will see immediate benefits. 


As a third party warehouse service provider, our customers expect from us a high degree excellence and quality in our services which were becoming harder and harder to achieve as our customer base grew. We spent the better part of two years looking for a Warehouse Management System and speaking to the "top" brands currently available on the market…We had decided that 'standard' RWMS® warehouse management software from Robocom was the right choice for our Company.

The results of implementation and integration have been overwhelming, and we never expected such impressive productivity increases both on direct and indirect labor - 100% on direct labor, and over 300% on indirect labor. Better still, inventory accuracy has increased to 99.9% since Implementation.

Overall, RWMS has allowed us to provide world-class services to even our most demanding customers, with all information available at the touch of a button. We now have the ability to compete even against the larger players in the market, thanks to RWMS. Great Job! Great Software!"


Mark Becker, Founder and COO of Geneva Supply: "One of the biggest advantages for us with the RWMS.net system is the ability to locate products efficiently.  It basically allows us to put product anywhere we want, rather than having to have a designated area for an item.  And for our model, that works really well.  So, so we can just find an open spot on the shelf, put it away, tell the system where it is, and go to the next item."

“Within two months of going fully live with the new system they say we are already packing and shipping product much faster than we were in the old system, which to me is pretty amazing.  I thought there’d be an eight-month curve.  For there to be a two-month curve was a big but pleasant surprise.”


LTL and TL Transportation


Chief Operations Officer of a Large LTL Company:  “The primary reason for wanting a new system was to create information flow internally within our company and externally with our customers.  They wanted to know what was happening with their orders, and they needed up-to-date information as much as we did.  We chose the Centerline Enterprise Transportation Software from Robocom, a resource planning and operations management tool that automates the cross-functional business processes of a transportation company. Critical business activities, ranging from dispatch, cross dock and rating, to invoicing, accounting and management, are streamlined through the effective automation of business practices that deliver optimal control over the entire shipping process.”


Controller of a Mid-Size LTL and TL Company:  “Carriers have come up with complicated pricing schemes to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Centerline’s rating system allows us to tailor pricing plans that are best suited to our customers.  In addition, it saves money because our employees don’t waste time rating bills manually. The process eliminates human error and provides the customer with an accurate and timely invoice, which is important to them.”


E-Commerce Fulfilment


Vince Albora, President of Power in Motion  "Migrating to the Next Generation Windows platform turned out to be a very cost effective choice for us. We have been running Next Generation since 1992. In all that time we have been through many upgrades with software as well as hardware. We are very excited about this latest upgrade as it offers us many opportunities to conduct business with an eye towards the future.” "Migrating to the Next Generation Windows platform turned out to be a very cost effective choice for us. 


Mark Becker, Founder and COO of Geneva Supply: "With RWMS we can now actually see how much time we’re spending picking one of our programs. And the system also enables us to establish picking rule to prioritize orders to be picked, which enables us to better serve our customers. With RWMS we can be as flexible as we need to be – able to literally change on a dime of what our priority is at the warehouse.”


Wholesale Distribution


Rich Glover, Vice President of Manufacturing and Distribution at Safelite AutoGlass:  “Having the Robocom Labor Management System running in both our Braselton, Georgia and Ontario, California Distribution Centers has allowed us to accurately measure the performance and productivity of our distribution operations. While the operations of the two distribution centers are very similar in many ways, each is unique in its own way. As such, Robocom has engineered the standards at each facility to account for these differences, so that each facility and the employees are measured against a fair standard.  We now have instant access and visibility to performance data that allows us to better coach our employees and identify opportunities for improvements much sooner than we could before we put the Labor Management System in place. And being able to compare performance at multiple levels between the two distribution centers is certainly an advantage.”


Bob Rosko, President and CEO of Edison Technologies  “The Microsoft Windows version of Next Generation was an excellent choice for our company.  The application performance has been outstanding. In some cases, we’ve noticed a fourfold increase in system speed and performance. In addition, because Next Generation is being hosted in the Cloud, my outlay of capital is a fraction of what an in-house system would have required.”  


An HVAC Parts Warehouse Manager:  “With the current technology and regular enhancements to Robocom’s WMS, we have been reducing our expenses in the warehouse continually year over year over year. Each year we reduce our total expense by 15-20 percent, that's total operations cost. Our cost per order has come down from the mid $20's five years ago to below $12.00. We cut it (the operations cost) in half since we first implemented. Our service has never been like it is, and we need to continue to do that - to raise that bar.”


Mike Bradsher, Director of Accounting, Manufacturing and Distribution Control at Safelite “Our partnership with Robocom has truly been beneficial for SafeliteThe implementation of the Robocom WMS has driven numerous improvements in our distribution operations including productivity improvements equal to roughly 15%.  The implementation of Robocom’s Labor Management System took us to the next level in managing our workforce and further improving efficiency in the warehouse.”



An Auto Parts Distribution Warehouse Manager “We selected Robocom because they were willing to customize a system for us. No one else would do that at a reasonable cost. We were one of the first warehouses in our company to implement a paperless system.”


Steve Miller, WMS Implementation Project Manager, Quality Systems & Business Resources Staff Federal Aviation Administration: "Robocom offers us the desired combination of a proven, cost effective and flexible WMS software solution and a knowledgeable, professional, forthright staff. Robocom offers practical advice on how best to utilize their standard RIMS software to achieve the desired result. Equally important to us is Robocom's focus on the impact of RIMS on our user community. Our choice to use RIMS resulted in significant benefits for the FAA and ultimately the flying public."


Don Richardson, Manager of Materials and IT , Emerson Climate Technologies: "Over the past six years [since implementing RIMS] we have added very few additional full-time jobs, but we have brought in $120 million of new business . . . These efficiencies have really given us the ability to take advantage of new opportunities and expand our business."


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